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Crafting Tailored Solutions for Workplace Hydration

Elevate Office Wellness with Tailored Water Services

Five Star Breaktime Solutions™ is your partner in creating employee hydration programs that prioritize safety and well-being. Our comprehensive office water services extend beyond mere provision; we customize solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workplace. From bottled water to state-of-the-art filtered water units, our offerings cater to diverse needs. Our experienced service professionals take charge of inventory, delivery, and stocking, ensuring your breakroom always has what it needs. Emphasizing both efficiency and sustainability, our touchless filtered water coolers eliminate the need for plastic bottles and support corporate sustainability goals.

Trust Five Star Breaktime Solutions™ to optimize your hydration program, reducing costs while enhancing workplace productivity.

Our Water Solutions

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Filtered Water Units

Ditch the plastic bottle and get a touchless point-of-use (POU) filtered water cooler. These bottle-less water coolers connect to your breakroom's existing water source. Choose from space-efficient countertop units or stand-alone filtered water stations. Filtered water machines are a great way to support corporate sustainability programs.

5 Gallon water jugs

5 Gallon Bottled Water

Five Star has over 25 years of experience delivering customers clean, chemical-free spring water. Our 5-gallon pure spring drinking bottled water, sourced locally, provides an economical, sustainable, and healthy way to hydrate employees when a water line isn't nearby. Our hot and cold bottled water coolers are sanitary, easy to use, and require no maintenance. Five Star looks forward to being your trusted provider to keep your employees and guests hydrated!

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Water by the Pallet

Employee hydration programs are essential for keeping workers safe, healthy, and productive. Five Star Breaktime Solutions™ offers single-serve bottled water from economic and national brands, in cases, pallets, or truckloads. Bulk single-serve bottled water is especially useful during hot months, when a water cooler may not be available or able to meet the demand for employee hydration.

Water Cooler Features

Antimicrobial Filtration

Ensuring fresh, clean, and safe drinking water.

Touchless Dispensing

Dispense water the easy and hygienic way.

Cold Water Line

Ice-cold water at the touch of a button.

Flavored Water

Enjoy natural and healthy flavored waters.


Water Solutions

Want to make an impression- Bevi provides customizable still, sparkling, and flavored water on demand. (Pure filter water included.) Bevi also offers a wide variety of flavors that you can add to every glass of water. Presented in a branded countertop or floor model that is sure to draw attention.

Micro market with beverage coolers and snacks

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