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Collaboration & Productivity Begin with Coffee

Our custom-tailored coffee service professionals inventory, deliver, and stock your breakroom or office kitchen with all the coffee essentials – including cups, flavored creamers, sugars, sweeteners, stir sticks, and delicious coffee.

Gone are the days of sending an associate on a coffee run down the street or to the big box store to get break room supplies and office snacks – we’ve got you!

Our professional coffee service representatives will work with you to pick the perfect coffee brewing equipment, coffee roasts, and accessories to fit your budget.

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Where Coffee and Productivity Brew Together

Statistics show that Americans consume an average of three cups of coffee per day. Coffee is an integral part of the modern workplace, providing employees and customers with an energy boost, improved mood, and increased productivity. Quality coffee and beverage services may seem to be a minor employee perk, but it is this level of detail that sets you apart from the competition and leads to greater employee and customer satisfaction.

By combining this level of personalized, traditional service with the best in coffee and tea products, Five Star Breaktime Solutions™ is uniquely qualified to build your organization its own custom coffee program that minimizes expenses and maximizes your office productivity.

Coffee Equipment

Choosing a coffee brewer can be tricky. Don't worry! Our team is here to help you find the perfect coffee equipment for your space and employees. We want to provide the perfect brewer that meets your needs in terms of employee numbers and workspace. Check out some of our favorite coffee brewers below.

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Traditional Coffee Brewer

Using a traditional coffee brewer allows you to have complete control over the brewing process and create a cup of coffee exactly to your preferences, from choosing the grind size of the beans to adjusting the temperature and flavor strength.

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Single Cup Brewing

If your employees enjoy a single cup of coffee, then a single cup brewer is the perfect solution. It's quick and easy to use: just add your choice of ground coffee, select the size and strength settings, and you'll have a delicious cup in no time!

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Bean to Cup

A bean-to-cup coffee machine offers the ultimate convenience for coffee lovers, providing a fresh, full-flavored cup of coffee with minimal effort and time - just add your favorite beans, select the brewing style you desire, and let the machine do the rest.

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For the ultimate convenience, an instant espresso machine is the way to go. With its fast heating time, push-button operation, and pre-programmed drinks, you can easily make hot drinks with minimal effort.

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High Volume Brewer

For larger offices or organizations that need to make multiple cups of coffee quickly, a high-volume brewer is the perfect solution. These brewers are designed to brew large amounts of coffee in just minutes and they can easily handle the demands of a busy office environment.

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Breakroom Supplies

Five Star Breaktime Solutions™ not only provides the equipment and coffee, but all the extras too, such as sugars, sweeteners, creamers, paper goods, straws, cups, and more.

Our Brand: Conti Coffee™

Craft Coffee Roaster

Conti Coffee™ is a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster that crafts a blend for every palate.

Premium Tea Producer

contea™ uses only the highest quality tea leaves imported from Anhui, China to serve our customers.

Filtered Water Bottler

acqua conti™ offers locally-sourced bottled water, filtration systems, and dispensers.

Coffee & Tea Products

Below is a selection of our most popular coffee, tea, and breaktime extras brands. If you don't see your favorite brand, please inquire and we'll be happy to discuss its availability.

  • Apotheos logo
  • Conti Coffee logo
  • TODS Logo
  • Ellis Coffee Logo
  • Folgers Coffee logo
  • Frothy Monkey logo
  • Green Mountain Coffee Logo
  • Krispy Kreme logo
  • Maxwell House logo
  • Seattle Best Coffee
  • Starbucks logo
  • Wolfgang Puck Coffee Logo
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