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Create a Robust Breakroom Kitchen

Pantry service improves the employee experience

People naturally gather in the kitchen, so create an inviting atmosphere for your employees to collaborate, build a strong company culture, and enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee and snacks. We customize pantry breakroom solutions to fit each business's needs. Our pantry service stocks the breakroom with fresh snacks, beverages, and craft coffee, so you don't have to.

Tell us your vision and we'll strive to make it a reality. Food, services, design, and budget are all essential elements of a successful pantry break room. We'll keep you informed of new product offerings, including nutritious options for your employees to enjoy.

Measurable Benefits

Creating a positive workplace atmosphere is essential for any business to succeed. To stay competitive, many large companies, such as Google and Facebook, have set the bar high with their employee benefits, including access to a community pantry and kitchen area. Five Star is here to help you create an amazing space for your employees, from start to finish.

Employee Retention

Attract new employees and improve staff retention.

Healthy Options

Healthy, nutritious food selections.


Create a positive office culture.

Employee Benefit

A convenient, unique employee benefit.

Stock Renewal

No restock hassle - we do that for you.

Micro market with beverage coolers and snacks

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