Water Service Benefits For Employees

Apr 17, 2019

Summer is fast approaching – Five Star offers office water packages that will keep your staff hydrated and focused on being productive. Discover the water service benefits for your employees and also learn about the importance of hydration.

What are the benefits of offering clean water to your employees?

Increase in morale

(Less complaints in the comment box)

“Most importantly, encouraging our employees and colleagues to stay hydrated is a key way to keep hydration to the maximum. This also offers the company a chance to show that they care about their employees.”

Decrease in fatigue during the day

(Less likely to fall asleep on the job)

A further study looking at forest workers found a significant reduction in productivity in those who were in a state of dehydration

Maintains physical health of employees

(Fewer sick days necessary)

“A recent survey translated this to a $2.5 billion loss in productivity each year as a result of people taking time off work due to chronic illness – many of which could be put down to simple dehydration.”

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

(Enhances appeal to potential employees)

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle must also include hydration. Furthermore, hydrating regularly lubricates our joints and eyes, keeps our skin healthy, allows optimum digestion, eliminates toxins and optimizes the energy produced through our cells.”

Offers an opportunity to improve company culture through employee interaction

(water cooler talks)

“A report showed that up to 75 percent of Americans don’t drink the recommended 10 cups of water a day issued by the Institute of Medicine. As a result, most people are walking around mildly to severely dehydrated without even realizing.”

In conclusion, these benefits alone are enough reason to get on board the hydration train!

Talk to your Five Star representative now to learn how you can get our water service with all its benefits for your employees!

All Excerpts Sourced from is a website that specializes in providing users information about industry trends and opportunities. Life Hack has linked up experts and contributors from all over the world. Here they share their valuable knowledge and experience for over 10 years.

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