Water And Vending Machines In Atlanta

Nov 15, 2018

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis to meet your health needs? You don’t if you’re like 77 percent of a group of surveyed, employed Americans. The reason given by 43 percent of those individuals was lack of thirst. In this post we will discuss how water and vending machines in Atlanta can motivate and hydrate your employees.

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You are already dehydrated if you are thirsty

Staying hydrated is crucial. Hydration not only plays an important role in an individual’s health, but it also impacts how that individual functions. Because dehydration has already occurred before an employee realizes that they are thirsty, the negative impact of dehydration has also likely happened.

Productivity, energy, and attention span are negatively impacted by dehydration. Hydrated employees can also have an impact on workplace productivity. Tony Ibarguen, CEO of Quench recently said, “One inexpensive way to boost productivity is to encourage hydration. Companies that make it easy and convenient for their people to access and drink more water throughout the day may see their employees’ energy levels, engagement and work capacity increase.”

Unfortunately, there are several obstacles that must first be removed if Atlanta employees are going to consume more water. Lack of time to get water. The price of water. The dislike for the taste of water.

Let’s look at three ways to overcome those obstacles and help employees stay hydrated.

Lack of time to get it

Consider the placement of beverage vending machines throughout your office or facility. In addition to placing vending machines in the break room, also consider placing beverage vending machines in highly trafficked areas. Employees are more likely to stop and grab a bottle when bottle water is easily accessible.

This approach has been proven by science. Researchers at the University College of London found that study participants were more likely to take the path of least resistance when working. So in other words, it’s important to place as few obstacles as possible along the way to get a bottle of water.

Have to pay for it

While bottleless water coolers that connect directly to the building’s water supply or a filtration system can sometimes be a solution, there are many other situations when that is not an option. A great way to provide bottled water and overcome employees needing to pay for it is to offer it at a reduced cost or for free. Atlanta employees see pantry service as a high-value benefit, but for employers, the cost is much lower than the perceived value.

Dislike the taste of it at work

Yes, it is true. Water has a taste. Recent research found that water has a flavor because of minerals in the water. While researchers believe water’s flavor should be in its own category, they have discovered that its flavor is closely related to sour flavor. Given this information, it is important to offer a variety of options from ‘normal’ bottled water to bottled flavored sparkling water. Each one of these will have a unique taste that reflects its specific mineral content and also the natural filtration.

Southern Refreshment Solutions can help Atlanta employers overcome all three of these obstacles, and help employees stay hydrated by offering a variety of healthy beverages in vending machines or micro-markets. Give your Atlanta employees the water service and vending machines they deserve. Hydrated and satiated employees are a win for everyone. For more information about adding healthy options to your Atlanta break room, contact us at 770-939-9299. We look forward to helping your employees stay hydrated.

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