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Mar 31, 2019

Atlanta Employees Looking For Savory Snacks

Healthy, savory and tasty vending snacks are exactly what Atlanta employees are looking for when they need a quick bite to eat. A recent survey about the Global Health & Wellness (H&W) market for Savory Snacks found that the growing number of health conscious individuals and the increase of awareness about obesity and its complications have contributed to the increase in demand for healthier and more nutritious choices.

But Atlanta consumers are looking for more specific information about their snacks. Reading that a snack might be healthy isn’t enough. They want to know if a specific savory snack is ‘free from’ or ‘food minus’ certain unhealthy ingredients. For example, the demand for savory snacks that are ‘free from’ a particular ingredient such as cholesterol accounted for 82.6 percent of the total demand for savory snacks. Consumers have learned that avoiding cholesterol and saturated fats is important as both can lead to cardiovascular disease, a major cause of death worldwide.

So, what does this information have to do with your Atlanta break room vending services? A lot. Savory snacks aren’t going anywhere especially as today’s employees consume heavier, more nutritious snacks as mini meals.

Healthier Vending Choices

The effects of eating healthier are more far-reaching than most of us realize. In the short term, employees who make healthier choices can have more energy and are able to be more productive. Increased overall productivity and long-term health benefits are the results of healthy snack options.

Lastly, help your Atlanta employees make healthier choices by making healthy options readily available. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to place healthy items in your break room vending machine. Make sure that everyone knows that their preferences have been considered. This can be done by creating a customized snack and beverage menu. Grabbing a unhealthy alternative off-site will require more time and effort. Let us give you the vending snacks your Atlanta employees deserve.

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