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May 31, 2016

Tea has been growing dramatically in popularity in Atlanta as well as becoming a bigger portion of today’s office coffee services. Just considering the health benefits and the increasing interest in healthier living, this trend is no surprise.

Up until now, most of the attention has been on green teas, with their multiple benefits, such as improving brain function, enhancing fat burning abilities, lowering risk of certain cancers, and so on. Now, in a recent study, the focus has turned to herbal teas…and the results have been intriguing.

The Benefits of Tea

Earlier this year, experts at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England conducted a study involving 180 participants. Served peppermint tea, chamomile tea or simply hot water as a control group.

Before drinking the provided beverage, each participant completed a questionnaire relating to his or her mood. Following a twenty-minute rest period, everyone underwent a series of tests. The tests measured memory and a range of other cognitive functions.

The results, published on in April, show that those who drank peppermint tea showed significant improvement in alertness, long-term memory and working memory performance. Certainly, these findings would be intriguing for any office manager looking to stimulate performance.

Slowing down memory and attention speed are some of Chamomile benefits. Therefore, it’s a great option for something to drink before bed, but probably not to kick off a productive workday.

Overall, the findings further promote the many wellness benefits of tea consumption, and why it should be a key part of any Atlanta office coffee offering. The trick is making sure you’re offering the right varieties. This will keep your employees alert and productive, rather than relaxed and lackadaisical.

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