Micro-Market Snacks In Atlanta Play Multiple Roles

May 15, 2018

The definition of a snack is expanding. It no longer refers only to a small amount of sweet or salty food eaten between meals. A healthy snack can also be a meal replacement that helps Atlanta employees meet their daily caloric and hydration needs. All micro-market snacks, independent of their role, fall into one or more of the three primary snack needs: nourishment, optimization, and pleasure.

Role 1: Sweet or Salty Treat

I have some good news for you. Traditional sweet and salty snacks are not going anywhere. In 2017, the sale of chocolate-based treats produced over $1.8 billion in revenue. It was also 74.9 percent of the total sales for candy. In addition, on the salty side of the aisle, $2.9 billion in revenue came from the sale of chips. That’s 46.6 percent of sales in its category. Sweet and salty snacks are most often consumed as a reward or also as an indulgence. Many Atlanta employees take a trip to the office break room as an opportunity to enjoy new flavors and textures.

Certain snacks will always and continue to play the role of a sweet or salty. In 2018, many snacks have a new purpose.

Role 2: Healthy Meal Replacement

According to the NPD Group’s tracking of U.S. consumers’ snacking attitudes and behaviors, “snack foods eaten at main meals now represent 24 percent of all snack food consumed, which is up from 21 percent five years ago.” Not only are Atlanta employees looking for nourishment and optimization, a mental or physical energy boost, they have high expectations about the quality of product labels and the ingredients that they put in their bodies.

Consuming snacks and beverages goes hand in hand with accurately written product labels. Additionally, inaccurate information on a product label will cause a switch to a product that has more accurate product information. Additionally, 68 percent of the participants in a Nielson study said they would pay more for snacks, beverages, and prepared food items that were not made with “bad” ingredients. Fresh, organic, clean, and Fair Trade are just a few of the terms Atlanta employees are looking for.

A micro-market offers your Atlanta employees a wide range of healthy fresh foods, sweet and salty snacks, and beverages that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Not only is it a place to grab a bite to eat, but it is also has a relaxing environment. To learn more about updating your micro-market selections or learn more about other vending solutions, contact Southern Refreshment Services at 770-939-9299.

Micro market with beverage coolers and snacks

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