It’s Time To Celebrate Coffee Atlanta

Dec 21, 2018

Coffee’s Health Benefits

No matter the time of day or year, Americans love coffee in all of its many forms. Whether it’s the traditional version with cream and sugar, an espresso-based beverage, or an iced coffee, every Atlanta resident has their favorite one. There are multiple reasons why coffee is so important to everyone, but the following one might surprise you.

A recent study was performed by Wakefield Research, a global, full-service market research firm. It found that coffee’s caffeine boost and health benefits aren’t the only reasons why so many Atlanta individuals drink it daily. There’s one more really important reason; coffee, in its many forms, makes the survey participants feel good or happy. For example,

With so many benefits and ways that coffee can boost Atlanta residents’ moods, let’s look at five fun activities that employees can participate in to celebrate the beverage.

Ways To Celebrate Coffee

An increase in employee morale does more than just increase overall productivity. It can also improve collaboration, self-esteem, and job satisfaction. Reduce employee absenteeism and the costs associated with employee turnover. Survey participants confirmed that there’s one more reason why coffee boosts morale. 47 percent of participants shared that office coffee service (OCS) in the break room at work boosts their mood. They said its better than a compliment from their boss. Now that is truly magical.

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