Healthy Vending Snacks In Atlanta

Sep 15, 2018

If Atlanta employees look closely, they will see that there are new better-for-you healthy vending snacks to be enjoyed. This is good news for employees that enjoy chocolate but stay away because of chocolate’s nutritional value. Researchers and analysts have found that consumers prefer better-for-you (BFY) products and are frequently moving away from traditional sweet treats. The chocolate industry has responded by developing a variety of new chocolate snacks such as fruit covered in dark chocolate.

Other new chocolate BFY snacks include chocolate combined with different ingredients to make new textures, chocolate paired with herbs and spices, dark chocolate and sea salt, nuts covered in dark chocolate, chocolate in protein bars, poppable truffle bites made with dark chocolate, chocolate and nut butter dips, chocolate bark with a variety of other ingredients, pulse brownie bites made with chickpea flour, and sweet potato brownies. With so many choices, there is a chocolate snack for almost everyone.

For those Atlanta employees who don’t like chocolate, there are a lot of new non-chocolate BFY options available.

Fruity Flavors: Natural sweet or sour gummy bears are a fun low-calorie treat made with stevia. To make naturally sweetened treats such as fruit chews and fruit leather they use real fruit.

Brittle: Naturally sweetened with maple syrup, honey, and also coconut nectar, these make up BFY brittle.

Other Candy: Hard candy, mints, and lollipops. Includes brown rice syrup, cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, honey, and maple syrup.

Better-For-You Snack Themes

Whether Atlanta employees enjoy something with chocolate or something without chocolate, there are three themes that run through all of the types of sweet treats.

  1. New ingredients make up Better-For-You snacks. Includes sweet potatoes, chia seeds, nut flours, chickpea flour, and coconut flour and sugar.
  2. The second theme is that the types of ingredients have changed. Consumers also expect to see organic, non-GMO, minimally processed ingredients.
  3. The amount and type of sugar is the third theme Atlanta consumers expect to see. Regular sugar is no longer an acceptable ingredient. Made with sweeteners that are low in calories and fructose.

Which better-for-you healthy vending snacks do your employees wish they could find in their Atlanta break room? Southern Refreshment Services can help create a customized list of snacks and beverages that are both better-for-you and a tasty sweet treat. For an even sweeter treat, offer vending machine snacks and beverages for a lower or zero cost. Call us at 770-939-9299 more information.

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