Finding Coffee Vending In Atlanta

Sep 28, 2018

Enjoying coffee continues to be a daily experience for 64 percent of Americans. According to research performed by the National Coffee Association (NCA), 5 percent more Americans are drinking it daily than there were in 2016. Unfortunately, not all of the results in the study were positive as out-of-home coffee consumption decreased from 40 percent in 2017 to 36 percent in 2018, and those who claimed to have a workplace coffee area decreased by 3 percent. Finding coffee vending in Atlanta can be easy with Five Star Food Service.

Growing gourmet beans in Atlanta soil makes for a superior cup of coffee. They are more expensive to grow because they need very specific growing conditions. Handling a roasting these beans is what makes them gourmet quality. All of this combined creates a gourmet cup of java.

Traditional coffee is made with beans that are not considered gourmet and was preferred by 31 percent of the participants. This brew uses Robusta beans or a mix of Robusta and Arabica. Robusta beans are cheaper to grow and easier to handle, but have an inferior taste.

While it appears that the study participants preferred traditional beans over gourmet ones, it is important to compare the demographics of the study to the demographics of your Atlanta employees before making a decision. For example, only 19 percent of the 18 to 24 year-olds in the study drank traditional coffee while over 30 percent of the same cohort preferred the gourmet version. In older demographics, the traditional variety does better, but gourmet beans still draws in more than 30 percent of that age group.

At Home or At Work

The second step is to understand where employees are getting their caffeine fix. Consuming coffee-based beverages is a big part of breakfast in Atlanta homes. There has also been an increase in enjoying coffee between breakfast and lunch or when employees are at work. This second block of time is when an office coffee service can have an impact.

Employees can find what they are looking for in an onsite break room with a café-style service. The benefit with a high perceived value outweighs the actual cost. Increasing the perceived value is easily accomplished by offering snacks via a micro-market or vending machine. A healthy mid-morning snack with a cup of Joe is a great way to boost your employees’ energy levels. Finding coffee vending for your Atlanta employees can be a breeze with Southern Refreshment Services.

For more information about adding office coffee service or another vending service option to your Atlanta break room, contact Southern Refreshment Services at 770-939-9299. We look forward to hearing from you.

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