Feeding The Future Featured In Cause Marketing Article

Jan 27, 2020

Company activism is an important to many around the country when looking for businesses to partner with. In a recent article published by our own C. J. Recher was interviewed about how Five Star Food Service is also active in the community.

Snippet from article:

‘For C. J. Recher, vice president of marketing at Five Star Food Service, the value of giving back to the community is also part of a company-wide belief system.

“We are blessed with so much that you want to give back to the community. It makes you feel good, it sheds goodwill on your company, it strengthens community relationships. Be intentional about the giving part and the benefits will come to you,” Recher said.

After seeing the impact of a joint charitable program with a supplier, Recher and his team decided they could also do much more. In 2017, he co-founded Feeding the Future, a non-profit corporation that has raised over $200,000, producing over 800,000 meals to school kids who get fed during the week in school but could be without a meal on the weekends. This “backpack food program” has largely been funded by Five Star employees and matching funds from the company.

“As a foodservice company, feeding people day in and day out, it makes sense to give back by feeding people in need. It’s been easy to get a lot of people very excited about this program,” Recher said.’

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