Contactless Water Solutions

Oct 27, 2020

Never have to touch the water machine again with these touchless or contactless water solutions. Many of our water manufacturers have created foot pedals or movement sensor technology to create a quick and touchless way for our customers to receive water out of the dispensers. Yes, we should be washing our hands anyways, but using foot pedals or motion sensors provides (or takes away) one less touchpoint for you to worry about. Give your employees the peace of mind that they deserve when returning to the workplace.

Different types of touchless technology

Creating a safe workspace has quickly become the top priority of many organizations, so we are here to help. Big cities like Atlanta and Nashville have been challenged to create safe work environments. Returning employees should feel safe before returning to work. Many companies are having to come up with creative solutions to fight the spread of COVID-19. These new adaptations in technology are essential in allowing your employees to return to a safe and hygienic workspace. Five Star wants to help by providing solutions you might not even have thought of, but still don’t forget to wash your hands! Five Star Food Service will provide these contactless water solutions and more for your workplace!

Micro market with beverage coolers and snacks

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