A Drink So Popular In Atlanta, It Has Its Own Month

Jan 13, 2017

January, a time of new beginnings, health awareness, and goal setting, is also National Hot Tea Month. According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., drinking hot tea can increase blood flow for improved cardiovascular health, provide antioxidants for cancer risk reduction, and boost energy expenditure which may help combat obesity. Drinking more tea may be a small change that can make a big health difference.

In addition to its health benefits, tea also has a rich history, diverse flavors, and soothing qualities. The US is the third largest tea importer in the world and the only western nation with increasing tea consumption. It should be no surprise that in America approximately four out of five consumers drink tea.

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Benefits For Your Office

What does this mean for your Atlanta office beverage service? Consider the following options:

As drinking hot tea grows in popularity, it is important to modify your Atlanta break room options to meet the demand. Not only will your employees enjoy the benefits of drinking their favorite hot beverage, but they will also be more likely to turn to their healthy break room for snacks and beverages. For more information on improving your office coffee and tea service call Southern Refreshment Services today at 770-939-9299.

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